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HUG Silk/Merino


Huge ultra-soft, wrap-around shawl. Silk adds depth of tone and a slight sheen in this hand-dyed yarn.  $260.



MNHUG - Colorful Wraps

HUG Light Weight Merino


Large ultra-soft, wrap-around shawl. Manipulated hand-dyed merino creates 

a show stopping, lightweight wrap.

Favorite cowls
Textured cowls

HUG Cowls

Lots of colors, some semi-solid and others multi!Soft merino wool, with photo inspiration tags. Lots of texture in beautiful hand-dyed colors.



Colorful cowls
Neck wraps

HUG Pin-It Neck Wrap

Unforgettable wearable art!   Yarn is artfully manipulated, creating glowing depths of color. Close with your own pin/brooch or choose one from my collection  




The favorite hat of folks who say they don't like hats. Slightly (but not too) slouchy in gorgeous merino. Lots of semi-solid or multi color hand-dyed yarns.   $65.




HUG Reversible Merino Wrap

Wrap yourself in show-stopping color and comfort in these stylish, textured wraps. There are two "right" sides.



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