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Get Cozy
with Minnesota Hug

I'm Sue Stavig. I’ve been knitting since the age
of ten. Since my first project, I’ve been fascinated by creating something with big wooden needles and simple loops of yarn.
      My chatty circle of elders at the local yarn shop guided my fingers and encouraged me to experiment. I learned by watching and doing. Years later, after formal training in drawing, painting, sculpture and print-making, I established a career in graphic design. I loved using my hands with colorful markers, pens and drafting tools. Later, I transitioned to computer design, using a
keyboard and a mouse. Clients provided seemingly endless criteria for their projects (sometimes helpful, often frustrating!) But, on my own time, I retreated to the simple pleasure of crafting with yarn.
      After 30 years of commercial work, I said goodbye to computers, clients, and deadlines.
I now listen to my new circle of elders: tall trees, shoreline stones, and deep water. I take photos of nature’s designs to remind me of their distinct colors and textures. These photos become inspiration cards (and later, hangtags) that link the just-right yarn from my collection to interpret the scene. I find inspiration at our
tiny cabin near Finland, MN. Here, among

our 40 acres of sugar maple, birch, and spruce,
I celebrate Lake Superior’s seasons.

Yarn is my palette – I design and knit what I love.

Gorgeous color and

luxurious fiber

recall the beauty of

our changing Lake Superior seasons

Another day at work... with plenty of views to inspire!

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