From my tiny cabin near Finland, Minnesota, I celebrate the colors and textures of Lake Superior’s seasons. After over 30 years of design work, yarn has become my palette.

     Bye-bye to computers, clients and deadlines. I design & knit what I love from my uncompromising collection of luxury fibers!

    -- Sue Stavig 





from Sue!

"custom hand knit wearable art"


$46. shipped -- (all profits to Planned Parenthood)


This is my hand-knitted version of a hat known by many names: The Pink Hat, Pussy Hat, Women’s March Hat. Because I’m a 68-year-old grandma who still cares about respectful language (my 95-yr. old mother is still watching me, for heaven’s sake), I call mine a “Solidarity Hat.” You may call yours anything you want.


I’m knitting as many as I can to unite us in color as we make our presence known though social action. It’s not just for marches – it’s an everyday reminder that we stand together to take action when hate and injustice are the order of the day. Each hat takes about 7 hours to knit. I am donating all profits to Planned Parenthood.


My first hat was sent to my daughter, who marched with the thousands in NYC on January 21, 2017. I knit it for her while remembering my part in the first Take Back the Night March, Minneapolis, on August 4, 1979.


The yarn is incredible: soft 100% merino wool, produced by a small, family-owned company in Uruguay. A cooperative of local women hand-paints the yarn, giving wonderful color variations.





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